Wedding Themes

Изображение 176Wedding Themes For Nerds
Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day in your life. You’re taking vows to be with your partner forever. There is nothing more important than making your wedding memorable for everyone by help of professional wedding photographers; how do you do that, though? You connect the wedding to things that define you and your partner. Are you sports jocks? Do you like the Game of Thrones? Weddings can be themed to any idea. One difficult theme though is for nerds. Nerdy and Geeky people have a very difficult time finding ideas for birthdays, never mind weddings. Thankfully, there is a slew of nerdy and geeky wedding ideas to keep everyone at bay.

Wedding Themes For: Book Nerds

Being a book nerd myself, I hope one day my wedding is themed with books. Book themed weddings are wonderful for the book nerds. A cake made to resemble a pile of books, a white dress for the bride, a section in the front imprinted with words from their favorite book, or even a white tie for the groom. Fake pages being strewn about instead of rose petals. Perfect gifts for weddings like this would be old books in good condition. Or new books that the couple has been wanting. This wedding theme is sure to be a classic.

Wedding Themes For: Diablo 3/ Gaming Nerds

You both sit for hours in your pajamas, staring at the screen. You don’t need a shower to go to work for another hour and you just got into the butcher boss fight. You need to keep playing! If you like Diablo 3 or any other games weddings are simple. The cake can be made out of the main boss, or if you’re into something simpler, you both playing in your wedding garb. You can use any potions or special items as party favors. For example if drinking is involved in the after party, making skittles vodka and placing it in ‘potion’ bottles is a great idea. Labeling them with color to the skill they align with is a special touch to your special day. For example blue for Mana. This wedding theme is sure to charm all your friends.

Wedding Themes For: Math/Science/Subject Nerds

Incorporating Math and Science into your wedding is as simple as Pi. Theming your wedding after your favorite 3955662620_498a5065e8_bsubject is simple. From a cake covered in DNA fragments to getting your friends to solve equations for their seating. Anything is possible when you apply logic. Gifts are simple, from atom necklaces to equation covered ties. These weddings are sure to be wonderful, especially if there are scholarly attendee’s.

Weddings are wonderful. The most important day to yourself and your partner is closing in. These themes could be incorporated into your special day and make those moments just that much more special. Break out the books, the chemistry sets and your controllers and/or keyboards. Your big day is coming, and it’s sure to be one that will be remembered.